Second Hand Tyres Brisbane

All Sizes Available 12″ Inch to 24″ Inch

We all know how important it is to get a RWC Certificate and spend less money. We also know that the tyre prices are going high and high, so the expense for day to day running of vehicles is getting hard. Our second hand tyres have at least 80% tread and are genuine tyres obtained through our wrecking yards or customer purchases.

Why spend big $$$$ when you can spend less in second hand tyres?

Our Tyres are a perfect replacement for your car, don’t spend or save money on budget quality tyres with low tread that will be needing change soon, it will compromise your safety and put your life in danger. Therefore we have all our used tyres tested and never sell anything under 80% tread, Quality tyres at great prices.

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You can contact Brisabne cheap tyres on 07 3808 8857.  Our Friendly team will take you through and explain everything, you will get competitive price and probably a free deal for next visit. Second hand tyres at Slacks creek.